Dimitri – The Deadeye ou Jhin Deadeye ?

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No dia 23/05/2011 foi postado no Fórum norte americano oficial do League of Legends por TheLoveHammer um tópico sobre o conceito de um novo campeão chamado Dimitri – The Deadeye, ele pode ter alguma ligação com os novos teasers divulgados pela Riot no dia 26/12/2015 aonde é mencionado um lançamento com o nome Deadeye, em sua pagina de campeões, se você ainda não viu nada sobre esse teaser clique aqui e veja meu vídeo aonde falo sobre ele, caso já tenha visto você pode ler abaixo a publicação na integra que foi feita no fórum do League of Legends.

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User: TheLoveHammer 05-23-2011

This champion I set out to make a TRUE sniper, one who has long range but fires single, well-aimed shots, not that machine gun garbage that Caitlyn ends up being. (the numbers are not balanced, just to give you an idea)

Dimitri – The Deadeye

Edit Log

-updated format
-Gave Q a bonus against nearby enemies
-W passive is now a flat 3 shots
-E has been changed from the three explosive weapons to Kneecap, a basic minstun/slow


Not born into a prestigious family, Dimitri spent the first 12 years of his life living in a small house in the woods outside of Demacia. His father would hunt, his mother would cook and clean, and he would one day take over the duties of his father. That was his life, but he longed for more. He never imagined his life would change, until he picked up his father’s hunting rifle for the first time. Nothing had ever felt so right. When his parents were away bartering for supplies in Demacia, Dimitri took target practice in the woods behind his house. It started of simply enough, shooting simple targets he created from things he found around the woods. It moved on to small birds, then bigger ones, and eventually he could slay any animal he came across in a single shot.

Much like his good friend Sivir, Dimitri grew into one of the more highly paid mercenaries in all of Valoran. Originally known only as The Deadeye, a moniker he earned due to an unfortunate shooting accident, he held every record there is to hold when it comes to shooting. That is how he got the attention of the Noxian High Command. Figuring that he of all people would bring down the elusive Battle Mistress. When they hired him to kill Sivir however, they were unaware of their acquaintance, and Dimitri planned to keep it that way. After sitting down for a a drink with The Battle Mistress, he revealed his plan to her, keep the up front payment, change his identity, and join the League of Legends. The Noxian High Command would simply believe Sivir had killed The Deadeye. Today Dimitri fights as an unknown sharpshooter that wandered into the League looking to prove himself.


Carry/Assassin (Stealth maybe?)


Dimitri is a Ranged AD carry, but not in the traditional sense. A normal carry stands behind his or her tanks and uses their ranged attacks to focus down a target. Dimitri works more like a Stealth Assassin, by sneaking up on his target and then taking them down quickly and efficiently. Imagine this: 4 v 5 teamfight is raging at mid. Dimitri sneaks into the bush, activates Renowned marksmanship. As he starts hitting targets Master Assassin allows him to remain stealthed in the bushes. Right when the enemy is about to realize where he is, he moves and begins shooting again, effectively appearing as an omnipotent force to those squishy enemy carries that don’t have enough armor to stand up to his damage. For example: An Ashe at lvl 18 should have around 2k health and 70 armor. At level 18 a phantom dancer and Beserkers Greaves gives him 120 armor pen. Using Kneecap he could stop her momentarily, slow her, and finish her off with an ultimate (Kneecap also makes a escape tool). Dimitri would play as more of a nuker than a dps. However, a heavy champion, stacking Armor and MR, would prove problematic. Because of his low attack speed, anti tank items like Madred’s Bloodrazors are as good as useless. However, A slow item, like Frozen Mallet, could prove deadly for any enemy champion.

Playing As:
-Frozen Mallet will buy you time to position for another shot
-Placing Demolition on enemy escape routes can set you up to use your ultimate
-Warded bushes are your mortal enemy. If the enemy is catching on to you very quickly try buying an oracles
-% armor penetration is applied after flat armor penetration, be careful when buying items like Last Whisper.

Playing Against:
-If Dimitri is crouching when he fires at you, back away.
-Be wary if you catch a glimpse of Dimitri, it may be a trap.
-Dimitri’s ultimate does not give him vision in bushes, use them to your advantage while attempting to avoid it.
-Dimitri’s Fast Break causes him to start out fast and slow back to normal over a period of time. Using your haste abilities sooner rather than later may be wise when he makes a run for it.


Passive: Chink in the Armor
While his weapon has limits, Dimitri uses his dexterity to aim carefully for vulnerable spots on enemy units
Instead of gaining attack speed, for every 1% bonus AS Dimitri has, his basic attacks ignore 1/1.25/1.5 armor (does not affect turrets). Dimitri’s attack speed is locked at .65/.8/1.0 (levels at 6 and 13)
(Youmuu’s Ghostblade active still would not change attack speed)Notes: A sniper is not a soldier known for his blinding attack speed, but for precise, aimed shots dealing heavy damage. So my thinking is, the higher his attack speed, the faster he can find a “chink in the armor” if you will, and hit it.Q: Renowned Marksmanship
An intense state of focus gives Dimitri’s bonus range
Dimitri’s range is increased by 50/55/60/65/70, Dimitri gains +30/35/40/45/50% critical strike chance against enemies within his normal range. (toggle)
Cost: 10 mana per shotNotes: The mana cost is high for early game reasons, I didn’t want a low level Dimitri to be able to get this first and be able to always have it on. It also prevents him from farming from a mile away right off the bat. At the point where he would need to have it on all of the time, the combination of his low attack speed and his mana regen should make it a non-issue.W: Master Assassin
Dimitri is a master at hiding in natural cover.
Passive: Dimitri is only revealed from brush after 3 attacks (Does not affect true sight, counter reset 2 seconds after moving)
Active: (Can only be activated inside brush) Dimitri breaks from cover in a getaway attempt increasing his movement speed by 50% which gradually decreases back to normal over 4/4.5/5/6/7 seconds.
Cost: 100/110/115/130/150 mana
CD: 20/18/16/15/14 secondsNotes: This is what I think makes him truly unique. No other champion in the game can auto attack from brush and be unseen, I also like the synergy between this and his Q abilityE: Kneecap
Dimitri fires at the legs of an enemy champion knocking them to the ground and slowing them.
Your next attack deals 50% damage but stuns the target for .5 seconds and slows them by 25% for 1.5/2/2.25/2.5/3 seconds
Cost: 65/70/80/90/100 mana
CD: 12/11/10/9/8 secondsNotes:The old spell was a set of 3 different explosives that have different effects. This I believe has more synergy with all 3 of his other abilities.R: One Shot, One Kill
Dimitri scouts ahead, Then fires a finishing blow at long range.
First cast: Dimitri uses the scope of his rifle to scout ahead. If One Shot ,One Kill is not cast again in the next 5 seconds the spell goes on cooldown for 50% of the full cooldown
Second cast: Fires a single bullet at long range as a finishing blow dealing 300/450/550 (+1.0 AD) physical damage and stun the enemy for .5 seconds. If the shot hits an enemy champion below 25% health, the shot will deal 25% increased damage.(skill shot)
Cost: 100/150/200 mana
CD: 80/70/60 seconds
(First Cast: If you were to press R as if to aim a shot, the entire length and width are revealed. (does not reveal bushes))
(Second Cast: the range is similar to Lux’s Finales Funkeln but may only hit the first target it encounters. Projectile speed should be high.)Notes: Many agree that the ultimate is where Caitlyn fails as a sniper. It can be blocked, it’s slow, and it doesn’t really hurt. The point of this is to make a sniper shot that actually involves some degree of skill to land. I think the ability to scout is important for him. If he casts the spell only once he can quickly sweep the area in front of him. This is important due to his need to position himself in weird places for picking off enemy squishies a teamfight.

Other Fun Stuff

Stats should be similar to any ranged carry; low movement speed, health, etc.. His Range should be about 650 (same as cait).

He is tall and white middle aged man with a wrinkled forehead and a receding hairline
his hair is dark but with streaks of grey. It is kept short (military fashion)
his left eye is cloudy with a scar running along the side of his face to his ear, his right eye is grey
He wears a long tan colored overcoat over dark clothes
when Master Assassin is learned when he stops moving in bushes he lays down.
He carries a long rifle
he walks in a crouched over position like he is either being sneaky, or keeping his head down from gunfire
Fires his rifle as a normal person would, on crits he crouches slightly.

I found this while looking around. The costume is kind of what I’m going for, not the head though.

If anyone more talented than me would like to draw some concept art it would be much appreciated

Phantom Dancers (may be the single best Item for him)
Beserkers Greaves (armor pen boots )
Infinity Edge (Greatly enhances his passive)
Frozen Mallet (Combined with his range, would be near impossible to get away after a Mallet was purchased)
Tiamat (The only champion I can think of that this belongs on the recommended items list)
Sword of the Divine (+60 armor pen, and an active necessary for an enemy team with Jax)
Anything With a BF sword in the build really.

Speaks with an eastern european accent and a bit of condescension

Upon Selection:
“Gun, check. Bullets, check. Flask…where is that thing?”

“I’m there”
“Moving into position”
“You think there is good?”
“Okay, I guess”

“In my sights”
“I’ve got it”
“Brains everywhere!”

“The only thing I feel for you is recoil.”

(Pulls out a knife) “Why do I have a knife you ask? Well it’s obvious, everyone runs faster with a knife”

the dance at the end of this video would be pretty funny
also related to the source of his joke

Bends over holding stomach, stumbles slightly and falls into the fetal position.



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